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Learning and Development provides staff access to interactive online courses and resources that provide job and career development opportunities, just-in-time performance support as well as for compliance training.


The Training Academy online learning system is used to provide required compliance training to University employees and students. All faculty, staff, and student employees must complete training on Child Protection Policy, Hazard Communication, and Harassment.  Specific training may also be assigned based on employment status, work environment, or course enrollment. Visit the Compliance Training page for more information about mandatory compliance training.

Departments may also use Training Academy to administer custom training. Contact Lacee Nisbett, Coordinator eLearning, for more information.

Visit the Training Academy page to learn more about and access Training Academy, and find quick answers to frequently asked questions in our Online Learning FAQs.


This interactive and easy to use online training resource addresses critical topics that lead to better management. Employees have access to courses which cover topics such as Handling Difficult Conversations with Employees, 8 Do’s and Don’ts of Motivating, Interviewing, and others. You can access the ManageElite training site from the Employee tab once you are logged into your myBama account.  Click on the Login Instructions provided for the username and password.

Upon completion of each course, there is a short quiz to take. You can print out the quiz results and send a copy to HR Learning and Development, Box 870184, or you can scan and email them to hrdevelopment@ua.edu so we can keep a record of your participation.


Everyone has problems juggling the demands of work, family, and other obligations that combine to make life stressful. The University of Alabama has contracted with American Behavioral's Employee Assistant Program (EAP) to provide professionally trained counselors to give you options and resources for coping more effectively with a variety of life challenges.

Your Employee Assistance Program provides confidental assessment and short-term, professional counseling services for personal problems that interfere with everyday living. American Behavioral also offers access to Personal Advantage, a work-life website that contains more than 20,000 articles for topics such as emotional well-being, family life, health, finanical, legal, personal growth, and stress. To access articles, tips, self-assessment, and skill-building tools, click here and click on Member Login. To register, use company name UofA to create your username and password.

EAP – Upon completion of some courses, you can print out a certificate of completion. Please send a copy to HR Learning and Development, Box 870184, or you can scan and email them to hrdevelopment@ua.edu so we can keep a record of your participation.

For more information or to schedule and appointment, please call American Behavioral at 800-925-5327.

Toll-free: 866-840-0750


Academic Impressions provides UA faculty and staff unlimited access to live and recorded online webinars and trainings that are timely, targeted and specific to higher education.

REGISTER HERE to access the website

• Log in with your own University Alabama email

• For instructionson registering for events as well as access to recorded events, please see the Membership FAQs

• Having trouble logging in, finding a training, or anything else: please contact Academic Impressions at 720-488-6800

Note: Most resources are free to access. Those requiring a fee, such as an off-site conference, must be pre-approved by your department.